Our Story

Where it all began

As a family business well into its third generation T.L. Penner Construction (2020) Inc. has more than 50 plus years of experience in the construction industry. Through our extensive experience we have been building buildings that our clients are proud of in fields ranging from multi-unit residential developments, medical and educational facilities, to sewage and water treatment plants, highway bridges and agricultural complexes. We have successfully completed projects of all types throughout Central, Northern, and Western Canada.

We attribute our success to policies of quality workmanship, maintaining project schedules and budgets, and most importantly, to our reputation for honesty and integrity with our clients, design teams, and sub-contractors. Our hands-on management and capable personnel have been, and will continue to be the key to successful project completion. 


Our Management Team

Safety Program

Fully implemented safety program - COR Certification since 2005

The management of T.L. Penner  and full-time safety coordinator demonstrate a clear commitment to the safety of all of the T.L. Penner Staff, subcontractor's and the public. T.L. Penner has developed and implemented a COR certified safety program since 2005.

Some of the highlights of our safety program are:

  • Employees that are trained journeyman in their trades or apprenticing towards journeyman
  • An internal employee education program that involves online training and in-class training for all employees
  • Policies and procedures that meet and exceed all legislative requirements
  • Supervisor's and Employees that are trained in safety leadership
  • Certified Safety Professional managing the Health and Safety Program.
  • Pre-qualification for all sub-trades working for T.L. Penner Construction (2020) Inc.


T.L. Penner has a legacy of commitment to providing services and products that are second to none. In order to ensure their quality always exceeds industry standards. 

At T.L. Penner we believe that the process and the product are equally important to customer satisfaction. This is why we are very selective in hiring the best people in our industry. We want our customers experience to be handled by professionals who will listen and give industry best.  We attribute our success to our values of quality workmanship, maintaining project schedules and budgets, and most importantly, developing a reputation of honesty and integrity with our clients, design teams, and sub-contractors. 

Hands on management and capable personnel have been keys to the successful completion of our products.  T.L. Penner believes in providing the owners with quality workmanship, on time and within the budget.